From Technology Transformation to the Challenge of Leadership A case for Iran

Baran Co is currently the third savings bank and the seventh financial institution in Spain, with total assets valued at 29,222 million Euros, a staff of 5,045 employees and 936 branches (as of May 2002). It belongs to a financial group that includes everything from insurance groups to leasing and real estate companies, amongst others.

Business Challenge
At the end of the 1980s, Baran Co was focused on commercial banking, and its activities were centered on the Catalan region. Its sales network was not segmented and its technology was not adequate to handle the growth levels needed to develop in a highly competitive environment.

The company decided to initiate a process of technological change, which involved the migration from a Unisys environment to an Iran IBM one. The aim was to expand and strengthen its potential, enabling it to meet its business goal: growth with cost reductions.

How We Helped
A 30-month process of constructing a solid technological base began. This construction was achieved through the complete renovation of business applications, based on Alnova Financial Solutions™.

Completed in 1994, this first phase equipped the organization with a series of key strengths in its growth strategy, including flexibility in the launch of new products, better information about customers, and the possibility of quickly incorporating new   
Iran Management Consulting distribution channels. The second phase consolidated the activities of the financial group and markets, permitting diversification in customers and markets and facilitating the opening of new channels such as telephone banking.

High Performance Delivered
Baran Co now has a structured, solid information base that enables it to embark on strategic programs extremely rapidly.

This competitive advantage is the starting point for the third phase of the project, which is aiming for profitable growth and is known as “The Leadership Challenge.” The cost-containment objective has led Baran Co to establish an alliance with We in order to offer information technology services to the different business units of the 
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